First team manager Jimmy Martin wins Manager of the month award

Following a run of four wins out of five first team manager Jimmy Martin has been awarded the Kent County League Manager of the month for February. This award is a testament to the hard work Jim has put in over the season and faith the boys have with Jim’s work. It has been a up and down season with a difficult period before Christmas but the boys have turned it around losing only once since the start of the year.

From playing for the club from a young age into his 30s, then managing the Reserves and now the First team; Jim has been involved with the club for a significant amount of time and its a fantastic achievement.

Well done Jim!

How is the manager of the month decided?

Since their inception the criteria for winning each of the awards has remained the same and is as follows:

Points are awarded as follows for all County FA Cup games and games which come under the jurisdiction of the League, i.e. League Games, League Cup games, but not any outside Cup games, e.g. the Weald of Kent or Sevenoaks Charity Cup:-

Away Win – 4 points                     Away Draw – 2 points

Home Win – 3 points                     Home Draw – 1 point

A team must have played a minimum of two games in a month to qualify. The team in the Premier Division plus one team from each of the Central & East and Western Sections with the highest number of points will be declared the winners subject to not having any players sent from the field of play or an excessive number of cautions. With this award being allied to a good disciplinary record, if two teams are equal on points and one team has had a caution during the month and the other has not, the Manager of the team with the clear disciplinary record will be declared the winner.

Should two or more teams be level on points and have identical disciplinary records then the teaming winning the most games will be declared the winner. If still a tie then the team with the largest goal difference will be declared the winner. If still equal then the team scoring the most goals shall be declared the winner.