Club statement

Good Morning All,

As we find ourselves in a very unique situation the exec has decided to stop all training to align with the cancellation of grassroots football, this is also the same stance as we benchmarked last night with other social clubs such as rugby, gymnastics, other football clubs, cricket. The social fundraiser nights for the foreseeable future have also been posponed. This action hasn’t been taken lightly and we thankyou for the responses on the survey last night whereby we had over and 150 replies. The survey gave us 77% of us wanted to carry on training but with various proviso’s such as monitoring day by day, following the school philosophy along with training with masks. All information was vital in the decision making process along with supporting the 23% of us who do not want to be put at risk but more importantly put others at risk. The exec have agreed to freeze april subscriptions for all teams, this means March subs will be due by the 7th or April, as we have commitments in April. April subs due by 7th May will be frozen. During April we will be able to advise further, ideally back to back with the Prem, EFL, FA on or around the 3rd April. These measures have been put in place to align with the social distancing element guidelines and government advice. As alluded to yesterday please find time to watch the daily news updates and stay away from hysteria on social media. The club will be at a financial disadvantage but the exec and I will work closely to close the gap initially and a longer term plan should this contine into the summer, we must ensure the club is available for us all.


Paul Hordon